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Danang Golf Tours & Holidays | Luxury Golf Trip Packages

Embark on an unmatched golfing adventure with our Danang Golf Packages, blending world-class golf with coastal charm. Our exclusive Vietnam Golf Tour Packages in Danang combine the thrill of the game, luxurious accommodations, and Danang’s breathtaking landscapes. Tee off against the East Sea backdrop on top-notch courses for all skill levels. Enjoy leisure and luxury in premium accommodations capturing Danang’s hospitality. Whether a seasoned golfer or novice, our trips offer the ideal balance of recreation and relaxation. Beyond golf, explore Danang’s cultural heritage and natural wonders. Each swing is complemented by awe-inspiring landscapes, creating lasting memories in this coastal gem. Experience golf and travel synergy with our Danang Golf Packages, where every stroke unveils the beauty and luxury of this coastal haven. Your journey into Danang’s allure starts here.

Danang Golf Tours | The Perfect Choice for Enjoying Golf Holidays in Vietnam

Discover the best of golfing in Vietnam with Danang Golf Tours. Enjoy top-notch courses surrounded by beautiful scenery along the coastline. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, we have packages for you. Stay in luxury, enjoy great food, and experience local culture. Come join us for an amazing golfing vacation in Danang!  

Ideal Timing for Danang Golf Packages

The nature of golf is an outdoor sport. Therefore, the ideal time for Danang golf packages to explore golf courses in Danang is from February to August. The weather during this period is relatively favorable, with less rain and no storms. At the beginning of the year, festivals often take place with many attractive activities for golfers interested in exploring the local culture. However, the average temperature in Danang is relatively high, with many sunny hours (especially during the dry season), so golfers need to prepare appropriate golf attire for hot weather conditions. Essential accessories include golf hats, golf sunglasses, jackets, gloves, socks, and sunscreen.  
best time for danang golf packages in vietnam  

Unique Experiences in Danang Golf Tours

As a city blessed with nature in terms of geographical location and climate, Danang is not only famous as a tourist destination attracting many travelers but also a preferred choice for many golfers in luxury golf tours. Choosing Danang golf holidays, you will experience many interesting things in the city that few other places can offer.   

Enjoying Golf Matches at Famous Golf Courses

In addition to building many luxury resorts and entertainment complexes, Danang is also famous for its luxurious and internationally recognized golf course system.  
Montgomerie Links
Standing at the top of the list of must-experience golf courses in Danang is Montgomerie Links Vietnam. Situated in a prime location between the two major cities of Hoi An and Danang, the golf course takes advantage of the unique features of the central coastal region. Designed by golf legend Colin Montgomeire, Montgomerie Links combines the beauty of the sea and the mainland, with lush green scenery of the ocean along with stretches of white sandy beaches and rows of lush trees on the course. This is also the chosen venue for hosting large-scale tournaments, such as the Accor Vietnam World Masters Golf Championship. Combined with luxury accommodations, you will experience top-notch amenities after golf rounds at Montgomerie Links in your Danang golf packages.  
montgomerie links is one of best golf courses for golf holidays in danang  
BRG Danang Golf Resort
A favorite destination chosen by many golfers in Danang golf holidays is BRG Danang Golf Resort. Designed by former world No. 1 golfer Greg Norman, BRG Danang Golf Resort has many characteristics in its design reminiscent of classic seaside golf courses in England. With a total area of 150 hectares, including 18 challenging golf holes combined with the stunning landscape of Danang, this Danang golf course ensures satisfaction for all golfers, even the most discerning ones. With a dreamy ocean view, the golf course stretches along the central coast and is very close to the famous tourist destination of Hoi An ancient town. Therefore, this is a very suitable and convenient choice for those who want to challenge themselves with golf and explore the city's landmarks during their Vietnam golf trips in Danang.  
brg danang golf resort is highly recomended for your vietnam golf trips in danang  
Ba Na Hills Golf Club
Located at the foot of Ba Na mountain and only about a 30-minute drive from the center of Danang, Ba Na Hills Golf Club is always a favorite choice in Danang golf packages. The course design is based on the terrain of Ba Na mountain, with the course stretching across the hillsides, with the first 9 holes along the forest, sand traps, and the latter 9 holes following the terrain of the hills. Therefore, the design of the course makes it a fascinating challenge for all golf enthusiasts. Stretching over 7,800 yards from the championship tee box, Ba Na Hills Golf Club has set the record for the longest golf course in Vietnam. In addition to its superior design, climate, and terrain, Ba Na Hills Golf Club ensures to provide world-class service quality by the IMG Group - the leading golf course design and management group in the world. Ba Na Hills Golf Club does not issue membership cards but opens its doors to all golfers, making it one of the most favorite golf courses in Danang.  
enjoy vietnam luxury golf tours in ba na hills golf club danang  
Laguna Lang Co Golf Course
Voted as the "Best Golf Course in Vietnam in 2019" by Vietnam Golf Magazine, Laguna Lang Co Golf Course is a name that golfers cannot overlook in their Danang golf trip. The golf course is divided into 2 sections, with 9 holes in the mountainous area and 9 holes set in the seaside area. The golf course also features various challenges such as sand traps, water hazards, forests, etc., to diversify the experiences of golfers. Moreover, with the unique feature of a links course connecting with the sea, Laguna Lang Co Golf Course brings a two-way ball path design, creating many opportunities for diverse shots along the course. Combining both strategic elements and excitement, Laguna Lang Co Golf Course will leave golfers with unforgettable memories in a new and pristine land during Danang golf holidays.  
laguna lang co golf course where golfers cannot miss during danang golf packages  

Visit Interesting Attractions in Danang Golf Packages

Not only enjoying thrilling moments on the golf course, Danang golf tour packages also offer unforgettable experiences through visits to the city's interesting tourist destinations. Dragon Bridge is the most unique attraction of Danang city, spanning the poetic Han River. On weekends, you also have the opportunity to witness the lively scenes of the dragon breathing fire and spouting water.  
dragon bridge is known as famous attractions in danang golf trips  
Suoi Mo cannot be missed when you want to explore Danang, a poetic tourist destination with lush green forests, crystal-clear water, and a cool climate all year round. If you have the opportunity to enjoy Danang golf tours, be sure to visit Bay Mau coconut forest to learn more about the life scene of the Western people. Sitting on the familiar coracle boats of the Central region to explore the coconut forest, wandering through each coconut tree, casting nets for fishing, racing coracle boats... are extremely interesting activities you will experience.  
bay mau coconut forest a interesting attraction for golf holidays in danang  

Explore the Unique Cuisine of the City in Danang Golf Packages

Danang is not only diverse in tourist destinations but also diverse in cuisine, promising to satisfy everyone, from savory dishes to snacks. Try Mi Quang, Danang-style chicken rice, mussels rice, Cao Lau, or the creatively adapted Pha Lau according to the unique and distinctive taste of Danang people during your Danang golf trips.  
mi quang must-try dish during your vietnam golf holidays in danang  
Besides, you can enjoy many attractive snacks such as Danang avocado ice cream, durian sweet soup, Vietnamese savory pancakes, clear shrimp dumplings, rolled cakes,... Each dish has its own unique spices and dipping sauce, making it unforgettable after each tasting. If Danang city is likened to a painting, then the delicious specialties of Danang are the vibrant colors. Any delicious dishes with the distinctive flavors of the prosperous city, featuring lush greenery and azure waters, become an important part of your Danang golf packages.  
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