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Hai Phong Golf Tours & Holidays | Luxury Golf Trip Packages

Elevate your vacation with Hai Phong Golf Packages, a dream for golf enthusiasts. Located in Vietnam’s heart, Hai Phong seamlessly blends luxury, leisure, and green thrills. Tee off against picturesque landscapes on prestigious courses, where every swing becomes a memorable moment. Our curated Hai Phong Golf Holidays offer luxurious stays in top-tier accommodations, from tranquil resorts to chic city hotels. Beyond golf, immerse yourself in cultural excursions and culinary delights, adding a unique dimension to your holiday. Whether a seasoned golfer or a leisure seeker, our packages cater to all levels, combining breathtaking views with luxury and sport. Experience the perfect fusion of golf, travel, and relaxation in Hai Phong. Book your Vietnam Golf Trips in Hai Phong now for unforgettable memories in this captivating destination.

Hai Phong Golf Tours | The Ultimate Option for Golf Vacations in Vietnam

Embark on an unforgettable golfing adventure with our Hai Phong Golf Tours, the premier choice for golf vacations in Vietnam. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Vietnam's landscapes as you tee off on world-class courses. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned golfer, our tours cater to all skill levels. Experience luxury accommodations, delightful cuisine, and the rich local culture, ensuring an unparalleled golfing getaway in Hai Phong. Join us for an extraordinary golfing experience you'll cherish forever.

Best Ideal Time for Hai Phong Golf Tours

Located in the northern part of Vietnam, Hai Phong city bears distinct characteristics of the North's climate. The weather is divided into four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter, each bringing its own unique experiences for your Vietnam golf holidays. The climate in this port city is extremely pleasant, allowing you to travel for golfing at any time of the year. However, the ideal time is from April to October when the weather is dry, with minimal rainfall, perfect for outdoor activities during your Hai Phong golf tours. 
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Apart from participating in golf matches on the green, you can also explore famous landmarks and enjoy Hai Phong's coastal tourism. Additionally, if you visit the city of flamboyant flowers between January and May, you will have the opportunity to participate in various festivals such as the Red Flamboyant Flowers Festival, the Elephant Festival, and the Fishing Festival.  
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Best Fascinating Experiences to Enjoy in Hai Phong Golf Tours

Explore 4 Prestigious Golf Courses in Hai Phong Golf Tours

Vinpearl Golf Hai Phong
Being a part of the prestigious Vinpearl Golf collection by Vingroup, Vinpearl Golf Hai Phong boasts impressive and upscale designs. With 36 holes, a standard par of 72, and two distinct courses including 18 lake holes and 18 marshland holes, Vinpearl Golf Hai Phong offers captivating landscapes. The Mountain Course allures golfers with its mountainous scenery, while the Ocean Course stands out with its coastal setting, white sandy beaches, and the blend of land and sea, attracting golf enthusiasts when having Hai Phong golf holidays.  
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BRG Ruby Tree Golf Resort Hai Phong
Situated within the BRG Ruby Tree Golf Resort complex, this golf course enjoys a prime location near the sea, approximately 20 km from downtown Hai Phong. With its front facing the sea and its back bordered by the Dragon mountain range, BRG Ruby Tree Golf Resort offers a picturesque and inviting atmosphere. The 18-hole, par-72 course spans 6317 meters and features artistically shaped sand traps and natural waterways, creating a tranquil and friendly environment. Its unique terrain and design leave a strong impression on players, making it an unforgettable experience for your Hai Phong golf package.  
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Dragon Golf Links – Long Doi Golf Course
Proudly the first seaside golf course in Vietnam, Dragon Golf Links offers unique features that cannot be missed during your Vietnam golf packages. With numerous golf holes boasting expansive ocean views, such as holes 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, and 14, the course provides both panoramic vistas and challenging winds, typical of links-style golf courses. Each individual hole is meticulously designed to deliver memorable experiences, leaving players with distinct impressions after each match of your Hai Phong golf tours. The arrangement of clusters of nine holes ensures golfers enjoy different perspectives and sensations, eliminating monotony and repetition from the experience.  
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Sono Belle Hai Phong
Another standout attraction in Hai Phong golf tours that captures the hearts of golf enthusiasts is Sono Belle Hai Phong, also known as the Giá River Golf Course. Sono Belle Hai Phong is considered a masterpiece, skillfully combining the modern construction technology of the West with the Feng Shui elements of the East, creating a distinct difference for your Vietnam luxury golf tours. The Giá River Golf Course comprises 18 international standard holes with a par of 72, divided into two courses: the River Course with 9 holes and the Executive Course with 9 holes. Each golf hole here is intricately designed, paying attention to every small detail, and providing players with extremely interesting challenges. Particularly, this golf course has been awarded the USGA certification based on slope and evaluation criteria.  
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Visit Beautiful and Alluring Coastal Bays of Hai Phong

Hai Phong, renowned as an industrial port city, attracts tourists with its extensive beaches and captivating coastal bays. In addition to the thrilling moments on the golf course, you can immerse yourself in the captivating scenery of the beaches in Hai Phong city during Hai Phong Golf tours. Among the most beautiful beaches in the north, Do Son Beach stands out with its unique beauty, combining hills, mountains, and forests.  
Visit Beautiful and Alluring Coastal Bays of Hai Phong golf packages  
Lan Ha Bay is another popular destination, offering visitors the chance to explore limestone karsts and majestic caves, ideal for adventure seekers with Vietnam golf holidays. With many unexplored caves and bays, Lan Ha Bay entices visitors with its pristine, poetic, and natural beauty. Additionally, Cat Ba Archipelago is considered the ideal destination for tourism in Hai Phong, featuring clear blue waters, pleasant weather year-round, and a variety of fresh seafood, making it a highlight of your Hai Phong golf tour.  

Explore Famous Historical Sites of Hai Phong City

Besides enjoying the beauty of the coastal bays in Hai Phong, visiting historical sites is also a must-experience during Hai Phong golf tours. The Hai Phong Museum is a destination you cannot miss, where numerous historical artifacts are preserved, reflecting the glorious past of our country.  
hai phong musuem famous historical site of hai phong golf tours  
Tuong Long Tower is also a highly regarded attraction. From the top of the tower, you can admire the panoramic view of the beautiful natural landscape. Surrounding the tower are lush forests and serene, picturesque landscapes. Additionally, you can include Trang Kenh Historical Complex in your Hai Phong golf packages if you enjoy exploring famous archaeological sites, or visit the Trang Trinh Historical Site to learn more about the life of the cultural figure and great educator of Vietnam - Nguyen Binh Khiem.  
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Visit Hai Phong’s Scenic Landmarks

Nui Voi (Elephant Mountain), Tuyet Tinh Coc (Tuyet Tinh Cave), and the Ecological Mangrove Forest Tourism Area in Dai Hop Commune are must-visit attractions in Hai Phong golf tours Elephant Mountain, with its towering peaks resembling an elephant, bears many historical imprints and still retains many mysterious, pristine caves for exploration.  
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Another popular spot in Hai Phong is Tuyet Tinh Coc, a lake with emerald green water surrounded by limestone mountains and magnificent nature, offering you the opportunity to enjoy priceless natural beauty. If you love exploration, the Ecological Mangrove Forest Tourism Area in Dai Hop Commune is a perfect choice. Experience exploring the mangrove forest and enjoying the serene and cool environment during your Vietnam golf packages.  
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Experience Hai Phong's Specialties

Booking a food tour in Hai Phong will offer you a unique experience during your Hai Phong golf holiday. Hai Phong boasts a diverse culinary scene, from savory dishes to snacks and desserts. Some local specialties include banh mi que (stick bread), coconut jelly, banh beo (water fern cake), nem cua be (mini crab spring rolls), and spicy fish noodle soup, signature dishes of snails,...  
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One of the most impressive specialties is perhaps the Hai Phong stick bread, crispy bread with pate, accompanied by Chi Truong - a characteristic chili sauce of Hai Phong. A small piece of advice for you is to ask the locals for more delicious, quality dishes to enhance the experience of your Vietnam golf vacation.  
try Hai phong stick breads - unique local specialty during your vietnam golf holidays in hai phong